Tim van Doore – Principal

B Bus (Acc), DipFS, C. Dec

I’ve always been someone who enjoys pulling things apart and making them better in some way. I find this fun and interesting and am a big believer in continual improvement. I believe there is a best way of having something done, not just a better way.


Conrad Voss – General Manager

B Com (Acc), Adv DipFP, Dip FS(FP) Dip FS(Super)

Fairness is my number one value.  I think this emanated from watching people out to dinner.  I’d observe one individual order an entrée, main, dessert and 4 cocktails whilst the other had an entree and a glass of water.  When it came time to pay, the person that ate their way through the menu kindly offered to split the bill.


Wendy Hambly – Accountant

BCom (Accy)

From a young age I’ve always had a passion for business, helping in the family business and running a market stall at 14 years old. I have always had an affinity with numbers and maths since I can remember, so studying Accountancy seemed like the perfect choice.

Support Team


Caroline Fougere – Accounting Manager

Happiness for me revolves around my family and my two completely wonderful teenagers, with whom I’ve yet to hit a bad year.

It also lies within a world of ordered efficiency, a place for everything and everything in its place. I find the voices in my head are largely silenced when all is organised.


Alana Hodgins – Web and Marketing Manager

BA (Communication Design)

I started out many years ago as a Visual Artist, but found myself drawn into the realm of multimedia, once I discovered the immediacy and responsiveness of the online world. I completed a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Design at QUT, experiencing the world of video production, 3D animation and web design and development. I was drawn to the web and it’s a love that keeps growing.